LA AcuComp Member:

“AcuComp Team, Thanks so much for your efforts on this account. We got the AOR! Please let us know how to proceed from here. Thanks!”

CA AcuComp Member:

“Well, we did it!!!  State Fund and ICW finally got the math right on the two claims, and after much urging, ICW re-filed the Unit Stat.  Thank you again for all the insight and education you provided me on the subject of Experience Rating over the...

WI AcuComp Member:

“Thank you so much for providing me with the AcuComp CWCU education.  I learned a lot about the split point, rating the excess losses and why frequency has more effect than severity!  I can’t believe you offer this course to your members at no charge. ...

CA Insured:

“I wanted to mention that since you put me in touch with AcuComp, I feel like I have an advocate, someone who is watching my cases like a hawk.  I just wanted to make sure that you knew this was proving to be a productive introduction.  There is a value here and...

TN AcuComp Member:

“Please see the attached revision.  This is great work!  the carrier error you found reduced my insured’s modifier by 20 POINTS!!!!!!  I can’t thank you enough.  This is one of the many reasons we have been partners for so long!”

AL AcuComp Member:

“Thank you for catching the error made by the AL Self-Insurance program.  That one error reduced my client’s premium by $20,000!  The CFO wanted me to thank you too!”