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National Insurance Application System, Inc.

Jay ConantNIAS, Inc. was founded by James B. Conant in 1979 to fill a need. First, during the early 1900’s when the experience modifier was developed by the NCCI, it was quickly discovered that the calculation had a severe flaw. Because the numerator is the driver of the modifier, overstated total incurred losses resulted in high experience modifiers. Second, insurance carriers could set reserves wherever they felt comfortable. Without input from the insured, the result could be interpreted as price fixing. The solution was to enact state laws and insurance department administrative rulings allowing the insured once each year, know as unit statistical filing, to ask the insurer to tie total incurred losses (the numerator) with actual claim file documents at that moment in time. This eliminated any chance of civil litigation for price fixing by the insured. Unique DifferentiatorNIAS Inc.’s unique differentiator, known as AcuComp®, integrates hundreds of processes designed to analyze the ever-changing unit statistical filing data per state statute. This enables favorable adjustments in the experience modifiers via insurer correction cards filed with the various rating bureaus. Our Founder, James B. Conant, had this to say:

“Since 1995, the AcuComp® data system confirmed and documented 91,972 Workers’ Compensation claim file reserve reductions for unit statistical plan filing purposes. This activity generated $950,867,366 in claim file reductions thereby lowering experience modifiers an average of 27 points.”


During the late 1980’s National Insurance Application Systems developed an automated system to help insured’s with this issue.

It was discovered that:

A) Insureds were not aware of state laws and administrative rulings concerning their rights

B) Agents found the entire process too expensive to provide manually

C) Claims adjusters had no idea of unit stat plan dates because they lacked policy anniversary information and therefore could not do it themselves

After three years of development with the help of CNA and Liberty Mutual executives, AcuComp was finally ready to be beta-tested. The Insurance Department of Massachusetts agreed to test AcuComp on their assigned risk pool.

Five years later, the Insurance Department of Massachusetts issued a final report on AcuComp’s effectiveness and stated that total incurred losses had dropped an average of 30% resulting in experience modifiers dropping an average of 27 points.

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Presently, NIAS, Inc. is the sole nationwide provider of a turnkey data system that has been validated by a state insurance department to permanently lower experience modifiers averaging 27 points.

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