MS AcuComp Member:

“Thanks in large part to your capabilities, we were able to retain this large account for 2020-2021.  It’s a very nice win for us!”

PA AcuComp Member:

“During a presentation this morning, one of our Agency Members shared that due to AcuComp’s work on Reserve Reductions for a School District client, not only was the MOD reduced but those Reserve Reductions were instrumental in increasing the agency’s year end...

LA AcuComp Member:

“Bill and Marie, Please see the attached revised audits for the 2017 and 2018 policy years. Our insured is thrilled! Thanks for all the help in getting this adjusted, not only for the current policy period but also going backwards. Our AcuComp membership has...

GA AcuComp Member:

“AcuComp. This is great news. Thank you and your team for staying on top of this for us. I have shared the reserve reduction with the insured and they are very pleased with what you have been able to accomplish. Thanks again for your help.”

LA AcuComp Member:

“AcuComp Team, Thanks so much for your efforts on this account. We got the AOR! Please let us know how to proceed from here. Thanks!”

CA AcuComp Member:

“Well, we did it!!!  State Fund and ICW finally got the math right on the two claims, and after much urging, ICW re-filed the Unit Stat.  Thank you again for all the insight and education you provided me on the subject of Experience Rating over the...